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Trips for Astros Adventures


"Watching batting practice and seeing players up close were what I enjoyed most."

Margarette -Spring Training - 2023

"The stadium is wonderful and the dinner was fun."

Julie -Spring Training - 2023

"We really enjoyed the experience. The trip was well organized and attending the games was a lot of fun. Our hotel was the best."

Ernesto -Spring Training - 2023

"It was a great experience! Everyone seemed to have lots of fun, and we met so many fellow Astros fans. Seeing the talent trying out for the major league was fun, and seeing our favorite Astros players rotate in and out of the games was fun to see. Loved the park, the hotel, the events and the people. Great job! Go Astros!"

Jim -Spring Training Seniors - 2023

"I liked the game experience- relaxed and access to players. Hotel was excellent. Breakfast and happy hours allowed the chance to talk with other Astros fans."

Nathan -Spring Training Seniors - 2023

"We enjoyed the all inclusive element of hotel reservations, ballgame tickets, transportation to and from games and various meals."

Nancy -Spring Training Seniors - 2023